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Why I Started getting Botox When I Turned 21

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

BOTOX – Yas bitch, I said I started getting it at 21! Let’s go ahead and crush this taboo because honestly it really is about time.

Let me start with a small disclaimer, everyone has a different facial anatomy and what I found to be a fit for me might not be a fit for you (and vice versa) but I hope to provide value through this post and if I’m lucky bust some common myths for you!

You might have noticed that some people are much more expressive than others, for example, they have way more movement in their facial expressions that create more wrinkles when doing things like frowning or raising their eyebrows, I am one of those people! When I don’t have Botox I have 3 DEEP wrinkles when I raise my eyebrows and a pretty prominent line between my eyebrows when I frown. This was a HUGE source of insecurity for me especially since my makeup would crease in these lines. I just felt like I looked way older than I was, you know? Also, I strive for perfect skin always and the creases were just really cramping my style.

Baby Botox

Yes, you are young. Yes, you have probably heard plenty of people say that you should wait to start Botox until you are “older”. Here are my thoughts, If you never wrinkle a sheet of paper, you never have to franticly try to iron it out later. There is a rumor floating around that your body creates antibodies for Botox thus, making it less effective as you age if you start your treatments at a young age. Here’s the thing, I ask every Injector I meet what their thoughts on subject are but the truth seems to be that since Baby Botox is just recently becoming popular we simply just don’t have the research to support that claim either way. So, think of Baby Botox as preventative, think back to my paper analogy! Personally the way I like to think about it is that if I can put off getting wrinkles until I'm 50 then I’ve achieved exactly what I want to. The thing is most people that attempt to tell you what you should and shouldn’t do with your body are, well, haters. They typically have nothing of substance to back their opinions, either. So, I’m not saying you should run out and get Botox immediately or even saying it’s right for you but if it is something you are curious about, get educated, have yourself a consultation and go for it!

Things to know about Botox

Botox is not the only Neurotoxin choice you have – Botox is simply a brand name product manufactured by Allergan. Dysport is another Neurotoxin that tends to spread a little more when it is injected so it is known to give a slightly more natural appearance. Dysport is significantly cheaper per unit than Botox but don’t be fooled, you need double to triple the amount so you will end up paying roughly the same price to achieve the same effect. Xeomin is another Neurotoxin on the market. It is definitely the least popular in my experience but that is largely because many people don’t even know it exists. Xeomin, unlike the other two neurotoxins lacks a protein attached to the toxin and claims to therefore not be something your body is able to build antibodies for.

Trust your injector – I know it’s super tempting to believe everything you read online but your injector is a professional (or anyway they need to be, do yourself a big favor and don’t go to anyone that does not have a nursing background) They know what they are doing and their job is to advise you.

Less is not more – One more time for those in the back, your friends and random people on the internet do not know more about injectables than your injector. I often hear people diagnosing their friends and insisting things like “you are so young, you should only need like 10 units or less” WRONG. Please do not let your friends, you know the ones that aren’t experts on the subject by any stretch of the imagination, tell you what you do or don’t need. The amount of Neurotoxin needed per person is decided by the amount of movement you have and the amount of pre-exhisting wrinkles you already have. But just to reiterate one more time. Your injector is the trained professional is the one that knows best.

Give yourself a week to see results – You will not see results instantly and even when you do start to see and feel results the full effect will take up to a week. So, be patient.

Do not go with the cheapest option – You get what you pay for, y’all I don’t know how else to say it. I know that we all like to save money where we can but this is not the place to be bargain hunting. Find a spa and injector that you trust and don’t be cheap. Botox is in liquid form when it is injected into you but comes in a vial as an almost translucent stain on the bottom, this means it must be mixed and diluted to be injected into your forehead. Of course many spas run Botox specials but when you see a consistently low price that seems to be too good to be true then it probably is and you are probably getting overly diluted product. Is it right or legal? No, no it’s not. Does it happen anyway? Yes, Of course. i.e. Groupon Botox is probably not a good idea. How long should you expect it to last – Botox lasts 3-4 months depending on how fast your body metabolizes the product. This isn’t really a strict timeline and everyone is different but relaxing your muscles and training your face into less movement naturally will help with the longevity of your product.


So in short, I think Botox is amazing and it gives me so much confidence. There are so many rumors that circulate about injectables and cosmetic procedures but, it is so much more common than you think. You won’t wake up looking like an episode of Botched without fighting your injector tooth and nail to go overboard. They have your best interest in mind, I promise. Lastly, let no-fuckin-body hold you back or make you feel bad for the things you do to make yourself feel like THAT BITCH. That's all from me today


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