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Posh Girl & Guy Gifts Under $30

Updated: May 6, 2022

Alright, let's talk gifts under $30. Holiday shopping adds up fast y'all, especially if you are like me and have a bad habit of adding a lil something for yourself to the cart at every place you shop. Here is a list of gifts That is sure to check the box for everyone on your list! A lot of these gifts are from amazon because yall Christmas is approaching and with all of these shipping delays we need all the express shipping we can get!

I love this jewelry designer her pieces are minimalistic and elegant but also somehow boho. The whole situation is v v trendy. This necklace is v v similar to the first one I ever bought from her when I found her on Etsy back in the day. I wore my necklace for literally years before I lost it - such god jewelry for a great price!

This is the perfect gift for your friend that is trying to use fewer single-use plastic products! I just ordered a couple of soap dispensers to make the switch to something more sustainable in my home and it is probably my most anticipated black Friday order!

Something about using this glass teapot is soo relaxing. Imagine this - you get out of the shower freshly shaved and covered from head to toe in lotion. You are watching the water boil in your glass teapot while Christmas music plays in the background. An ideal evening.

Get the man in your life something that will remind him of you every single fucking second that he is at the golf course :) I mean a perfect gift if you ask me.

A silk eye mask is a must if you have trouble falling asleep - if you are like me you need things to be pitch fucking black to get to sleep. I always bring an eye mask when I go out of town to spend the night in a new place!

Can we talk about how cute everything KNC is?? The lip mask is perfect for plumping and hydrating to give you the soft kissable lips of your absolute dreams!

For your friend, that is obsessed with their Polaroid camera! Give them the cutest case that will keep their precious camera safe and extra trendy!

Do not sleep on amazon workout gear yall! This set is perfect to wear while you run errands or to go to your favorite pilates class.

These mini gold huggie hoops are a classic and for the price, you just cannot beat it!

The perfect gift for anyone that loves a good popcorn movie night! This popcorn maker fits right in your microwave for quick on-demand popcorn anytime. Level up this gift by adding some popcorn seasoning, the variety pack I linked has a mix of classic and unique flavors - I think this is always ideal!

Personalized stuff always feels extra special and this dainty bracelet is just the absolute cutest!

Coffee table books are my favorite way to decorate at the moment but like why are they so expensive? No one has to know you only spent $24 on this gift - Thank me later.

Give the gift of clean fresh makeup sponges - Yes, please! Also, how cute is it that they come in a little egg carton!

We all have at least one wino friend that would go crazy over finding this under the tree! Level up your gift by adding a bottle of 1858. This wine is fucking delicious, It's made by the Caymus family but comes at a fraction of the price - a total steal!

This koozie is non-tipping and suctions to any surface, this gift is perfect for your dad or any guy that is constantly outdoors! Give the gift of keeping their beer cold AND upright - no party fouls here.

Happy Gifting!


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