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25 of the best stocking stuffers

Updated: May 6, 2022

Need stocking stuffer ideas?? You already know I got you. Here are 25 fun yet practical gifts that anyone could use in their stocking!

A person can truly and honestly never have enough scrunchies. But there is some to be said for quality scrunchies. y’all know what I mean. These jumbo scrunchies are IT.

The holy grail lip treatment! A person really can never have enough good quality lip treatment. Get yourself one while you’re at it, you won’t regret it.

This is the perfect stocking stuffer for that friend that loves glitter and is always adding highlighter to their shoulders and collar bones before going out! You can make this glitter as intense or subtle as you like and it’s perfect for adding sparkle to your body! Plus it’s biodegradable!

Personally, I have been obsessed with claw clips lately. They are so cute, easy, and effortless + this is a 2nd or 3rd-day hair must! The bigger the clip the better, in my opinion, that way it really grips your hair and you don't have to adjust and fidget with it all day.

5 - Toe sox

The Lambo of pilates socks - get this for your friend who is pilates obsessed or maybe even the one that is hesitant to try but you know they are secretly dying to get in the studio!

I don’t know about y’all but I cannot STAND to have dry hands. A quick-access hand cream is a must. I’m talking like a thick buttery hand cream, ya know? One that really does the trick. This Goat milk hand lotion has been a favorite of mine lately, it is also travel size so it can easily be thrown into absolutely any bag.

Film cameras are so fucking fun. Everything is so tech-savvy these days that there’s something really cool and nostalgic about snapping a photo on a disposable camera and having no idea what it looks like until it gets developed. Make sure you check the expiration date on the one you buy though! If it’s been sitting on the shelf too long your photos won’t develop right.

Hands down the best deo you will ever use, plus it’s aluminum-free and makes your pits smell like a cotton candy cloud. Just fabulous. You know what, while you're at it, get yourself one too sis.

These are the cutest face masks which makes them even more fun to use! Add to this stocking stuffer and include a jade roller or gua sha to really elevate their self care game.

The absolute cutest way to carry your skincare, toothpaste etc when you travel + it’s efficient. these capsules are magnetic and stick to eachother in your travel bag so you’ll never have to come home drunk and search for your nighttime routine ever again!

Elevate their shower routine with this scalp scrubber. There is nothing like a good scalp massage, I mean seriously. plus their hair will get extra clean, and who doesn’t want that!

Adorable simple cloth bags with tons of fun patterns to choose from. These are perfect to take to the grocery store or even to carry to the pool in the summer!

Everyone needs a good catch all or two. one by the bathroom sink and one by the kitchen sink is ideal! This is the perfect gift for your frien that always has rings on or the bride to be!

Absolutely adorable for your friend that loves a good book, bonus points if you include a couple of polaroids of you two together!

The best liner I have EVER used. I have the black and brown so I can fit a natural mood or full glam! I think they changed this brush because back in the day I remember not liking it but now I think it’s the perfect liner!

Perfect for the friend that is trying to use less single-use plastic! The carrying case is perfect not only for keeping this silverware together as a set, but also great for keeping it clean!

17 - Poopouri

A must-have. the way this covers smell.. immaculate. I mean whoever invented this deserves a Nobel prize.

The perfect stocking stuffer for your friend that enjoys candles among other things, y’all know what I mean, like incense and stuff.

You don’t know you need a brush until you NEED a brush - am I right? everyone needs a travel-size brush or three and we can all agree that wet brushed are ELITE.

This is a crucial tool and totally something that we never buy ourselves. a gift everyone needs.

21 - Bagnet

Meet the perfect solution to a bar to or dressing room without a purse hook! - I mean the worst. Give the gift of never having to put your Gucci disco ball on the floor again.

These are so trendy right now and elevate any outfit.

23 - Pop soap

Pop soap might as well be the new lush! This family-owned all vegan soap company is the bomb. Their scents are so fun and unique and their soap is top tier! A must-try.

My favorite shade is In The Nude - it is the perfect peachy pink and just brightens up my face in the cutest sunkissed way!

Lush bath bombs have and always will be elite. The way they foam up in the water is just a whole vibe. This is a must self-care stocking stuffer that everyone is bound to love!

Happy gifting!


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