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What I wish I would have known my Boob Job

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

I’ve known for a while that eventually I wanted to get my boobs done but knew I couldn’t afford it and never did much research. When I started working in the aesthetics industry a fire was lit and I was ready to make the jump!

Now look, I’ll be honest when I decided I was ready to move forward with this procedure, I just did it! I didn’t do a ton of research and I was very happy with my first consultation so I went to the first and only surgeon that I spoke with. I had planned to get a few consults but then like I said, I really liked the first surgeon I consulted with.

Everyone has a different journey and different things that are important to them but, I’d like to take this post to talk about my experience, the ways that I prepared for my surgery, the things I liked, didn’t like, and the things I wish I would have known before hand!

Boob Job Tip 1: Wash your hair THOROUGHLY before your surgery

Deciding size

Size is important, hello! My biggest want out of a breast aug was getting cleavage since as a member of the itty bitty titty committee that was something I’d never had. It was never my intent to have ginormous boobs so I was very cautious about picking a size and expressed this to my doctor. Almost a year before getting my boobs done I had a friend who had also gone through the procedure warn me that I need to be prepared to look like a porn star in all the skimpy summer clothes that had always been 200% family-friendly with my small chest. I told my Doctor that I didn’t want to feel uncomfortable at family functions or in a swimsuit and that I enjoy jumping in my workouts and it was important to me to still be able to comfortably kick ass with some jump squats. We settled on 350 CCs and I went from an A cup to a comfortable D. Even though that seems like a big jump and I would have never in a million years picked that cup size, I cannot even express how much I love them and am so happy with the decision I made! Truly I think chasing a cup size is difficult because we all have such different bodies and how a cup size looks on one person might be completely different on another! Pre Surgery Leading up to my procedure I was pretty calm and to be honest, the reality of what I was doing didn’t fully hit me until surgery day morning! I was FULL of nerves. This procedure was the first time I had gone under anesthesia and I was v v nervous to say the least BUT some words of advice that snapped me out of my worry worm mindset were “Your experience is going to be what you make it. If you go in expecting a bad experience that is EXACTLY what you will get” YES MA’AM. I think these words ring true for any experience you have in life but I definitely needed to be reminded. It was v v odd going through this procedure in a COVID world and I definitely would have loved to have someone waiting in the waiting room with me pre-procedure but I do think that being alone made me put my big girl panties on and hold my head high going into this decision!

Post Procedure

I fully expected to cry when I woke up from anesthesia. LOL I mean y’all I’m pretty emotional and can admittedly be pretty dramatic sometimes so when people told me that I would wake up and feel alone and confused I was like YEP I’ll be crying my eyes out. Guess again! I woke myself up because I was snoring and immediately knew where I was. I texted Chadd that I was awake and needed to be picked up. Unexpected but a very pleasant surprise! When I got home I was exhausted and all I wanted to do was sleep. there was pain from the moment I woke up but it wasn’t excruciating by any means, it was more a dull pain that felt like extreme soreness – My thoughts were I’m sleepy but I totally got this!!

Boob Job Tip 2: LAXATIVES


One piece of advice I got day 1 (and thank god I did) was you need laxatives!!!! This was something my doctor failed to mention and maybe it’s common sense when taking narcotics but I was definitely unaware. I had Chadd run to the store and get me some pill laxatives ASAP and started taking 3 a day. Y’all if this is TMI then… idk stop reading I guess but I cannot stress enough how important this part of your recovery is because even at 3 laxatives a day I did not go to the bathroom until like day 5….

Day 2

The rest of the first day after my surgery I honestly felt great, like I said sore and a little sleepy but overall fine so for day 2 I thought why not have some visitors! Three people came to see me that day and it was EXHAUSTING. It was honestly hard to socialize and it took a lot of energy to act as a host. I know no one was expecting me to host or lead conversation after having just had surgery but that’s just me!

Boob Job Tip 3: BIG PILLOWS like the biggest you can find! The bigger the better to prop you up while you are basically on bedrest

Day 3

Looking like a gremlin is exactly what you should expect from a surgery like this. My chest was so tight and I felt incredibly hunched over because my chest seemed to be pulling me forward. Day 3 I pushed myself a little too far again but its just hard being unable to do normal things, you know?!

Day 4

Holy shit you guys day four hit me like a TRUCK. Day three left me feeling like I pushed myself a little too far but nothing could have prepared me for day four… It was my first time leaving the house since getting back from the hospital. I had to go to my follow up appointment and it was also the day I ran out of pain meds.Let me tell y’all, switching to over the counter Advil was not fun. The ride down our parking garage was rough and then the 40-minute ride to the hospital was almost unbearable. Every bump in the road and every turn sent me into pain. During this whole process, I tried to keep a running list of questions to ask my Dr so I wouldn’t forget, but at this follow-up appointment, I literally had no energy to ask anything besides how long will I be like this. He told me that around day 7-10 I would be turning a biggg corner as far as how my recovery felt and thank goodness he was spot on.

Boob Job Tip 4: Don’t be alone! Even though I went into this surgery alone I could not have gone through recovery without Chadd’s help!

Day 5

The first day back at work and I was a zombie. That is all. Also, Chadd washed my hair for me which was much needed since it hadn’t been done since the night before my surgery. I was so shocked at the things I couldn’t do while recovering from my boob job, he even had to help me out of bed to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Day 7-10

BIG CORNER just as promised! I still wasn't ready to workout and I still didn’t have full range of motion but I was feeling so much better, was no longer in pain and had much more energy!


I still cannot feel my nipples or the area directly around them but I have my full range of motion back. I am back to working out at the same intensity as before (jump squats and all!) There’s really nothing I can’t do that I was able to do before but, certain motions that use my chest muscles do still feel strange and weak. Of course, at the end of the day, my body is still healing! I am absolutely obsessed with how they turned out and wouldn’t really change anything about my decision!

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