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Fillers and Facial Balancing

Updated: May 6, 2022

As we age we lose volume, this is a simple fact of life and existence. That means the key to looking younger and more rested is restoring that lost volume. Working out a lot can also increase the loss of these fat pockets in our faces that keep us looking young and full. Dermal filler is a wonderful way to add volume back to the areas of your face that may be hollowing with age or exercise like your cheeks, temples, lips, and under eyes. It’s also a fabulous way to enhance the beautiful features you already have! Keyword here being enhance, notice I didn't say change!

Biggest misconception?? That one syringe of filler is going to make you look fake.. and dramatically change your face. This couldn't be less true. FIVE syringes of filler are equal to ONE TEASPOON. How crazy is that?

When done right filler creates natural enhancements that keep you looking young and boost your confidence! So why is it such a taboo?

Most celebrities have filler but are not open about it (fake friends if yall ask me) and then there are of course the celebrities that are obviously way overfilled - leaving us to deduce filler looks bad. *eye roll* Good news for us regular people? to be honest the average person can not afford to go overboard unless you are taking out a loan or doing something sketchy. Sorry not sorry, I said what I said.

Thinking of getting filler? These should be your first steps!

Book a consultation!

You should feel comfortable and confident about the nurse that you choose to stick needles in your face! Consultations are great ways to talk to your provider and decide the best plan for your face! If you ever feel pressured by a studio to do something you aren't comfortable with, RUN. This should be a comfortable, fun and, exciting process!

Make an Alle and Aspire account!

Filler is not cheap so to save you as much money as possible, make sure you are signed up for these two rewards programs! They are both completely free and reward you for the services you get! Any time you buy one of the following you should be given points! Some spas are better at this than others so if the front desk does not bring it up, remind them!

Alle points - Botox, Juvederm, Skin Medica, Diamond Glow, Coolsculpting, Latisse, Kybella, Cool Tone.

Aspire points - Dysport and Restylane

Understand how to manage your own expectations

Instagram and social media can create such large expectations especially when we find ourselves comparing what we see others have. Your face is not someone else's and vice versa. Fillers ad volume to the shapes that you already have on your face. Your injector is not going to be able to dramatically change your features, their job is to enhance the beautiful features that you already have.

No Advil Aspirin or Alcohol 24 hours prior to your appointment

Any type of blood thinner will increase your risk of swelling and bruising. Keep in mind that swelling and bruising is completely normal and should not be reason for alarm. Bruising can last up to two weeks so be aware of that if you have any important events coming up after your injectable appointment. Some people are more prone to bruising and swelling than others but these chances are also greatly affected by outside factors (like blood thinners for example) it is very normal to sometimes bruise or swell more than you have in a previous appointment. This is not something to blame on your injector as chances are you had just as much a role in your susceptibility to bruising and swelling as they did.

Tell your injector if you are prone to cold sores

The trauma of the needle may cause you to break out with a cold sore if that is something you are prone to but don't worry! If you are prone to cold sores your injector can write you a prescription for medicine that you should start taking asap after being injected!


One of the most popular places to get filler especially for younger people is in the lips! This not only adds fullness but it also adds hydration! A good rule of thumb I like to tell people is if you like your lips when they are swollen post injection then you need one more syringe to get your preferred look. If you hate them when they are swollen then they will be the absolute perfect size when the swelling goes down!


Chin filler has become increasingly popular and is a great way to balance your profile! I personally got chin filler because I felt like my chin was set back on my face so to give myself a stronger profile we did a little filler to pop out my chin!


The cheeks tend to flatten a lot with age. As we get older our faces sag and we lose that beautiful youthful volume at the top of our face. Adding filler to the cheeks is a great way to work against aging and bring volume back to the top of your face!


If you struggle with hollowness or bags under the eyes - under-eye filler might be just the thing for you! This treatment instantly brightens your face and helps you look more rested! Everyone will notice but no one will know what you did!

Jaw line!

If you are looking for more defined features and a sharper profile then jawline filler is for you. This treatment pairs well with chin and cheek filler to create a more structures profile!

if you've made it this far here's the bottom line, anyone discouraging you from taking steps towards treatments that will boost your confidence are either haters or jealous. Sorry, but we have to tell it like it is. Real friends don't talk shit about personal choices. Instead, real friends support anything that helps you boost your confidence and feel like the beautiful creature you are! Full transparency? I probably have 5-6 syringes of filler in my face and guess what? I don’t look like a botched Instagram filter. Why am I telling you this? Because I want you to feel like these treatments are NORMAL and ACCEPTABLE.

I hope I've shattered some taboos for you and answered some questions along the way! If you have any questions that I didn't answer hit me up in the comments!


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