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9 Unique Gift Delivery Ideas

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

If you are bored by the idea of sending your loved one yet another 1-800-flower delivery or Edible arrangement you are in the right place! Delivery gifts are so fun to receive but the same old same old gets pretty boring so lets spice it up! Here are 10 gift delivery options you probably haven’t heard of!

Send a delivery gift that will blow them away!


Okay, okay, I know I just said flower deliveries are boring.. but they don’t have to be! These companies have put a refreshingly modern twist on your average flower delivery service that is bound to impress! Fresh Sends delivers seasonal bouquets to ensure that you are getting the freshest flowers possible! Because they are seasonal you won’t know exactly what your bouquet will look like but that also makes it so much more fun in my opinion! And let me not forget to mention their packaging is the absolute cutest ever. These flowers come wrapped in newsprint and the whole box looks display-worthy, the whole situation is very trendy. Farmgirl Flowers If modern farmhouse décor was a flower delivery service this would be it. These flowers come wrapped in burlap and come in a super cute box as well! They even have a ‘Free Ship’ section which is huge!

Care Package

Who doesn’t love a care package?! This idea is adorable to wish someone a happy birthday or just simply remind them that you are thinking about them! Here are a couple fun companies that have put together adorable ways for you to customize your delivery gift to that special person in your life!

This year I sent my Dad a Box Fox for Fathers day! Dad’s are always so hard to buy for, am I right? But everyone is guaranteed to love beautiful packaging and thoughtful little gifts! They had tons of options for men, too which was nice and different from other boxes I found online!

If you are looking to send gift boxes in bulk this is your go-to! This site would make sending wedding party invites a breeze! Teak & Twine allows you to customize or pick pre-made gift boxes that can be sent to one person or a whole group! This is perfect if you are needing to send clients to thank you packages or team gifts! Even if you don’t know the mailing address of everyone in your group, they have thought of that too! Just contact their support team and they will create your own branded portal in which everyone can discreetly provide their mailing address!

Another super cutesy care package service is Happy Box which is very much catered to the bestie in your life! New items are added to their site daily and you can make your box as big or as small as you prefer!

Sweets and Treats

If your bestie or partner has a sweet tooth these next few are for you! Crumbl Cookie has new flavors of their giant decadent cookies every week! This is what I got my boyfriend for our anniversary this year and he loved it!! I ordered in advance so I had no idea what the flavors of the week would be but we had so much fun trying all the different cookies! My favorite was the Peanut butter cookie with butterfinger crushed on top and his fav was the m&m chocolate chip! Milk Bar delivers its cakes and cookies nationwide. How fun would it be to get Ice cream in the mail! Thats exactly what Jeni’s Ice cream does. Choose a couple pints or gift someone a years subscription of ice cream deliveries. They even have a dairy free option for your vegan friend so no one gets left out!


Think greeting card and then give it a major upgrade! greetabl lets you customize a greeting card like cube that unfolds to reveal not only a small gift of your choosing but also Greeting card meets balloon that inflates right before your eyes Cardaloon is such a unique way to show someone that you are thinking of them! Pinatagram mini piñatas arrive with a message on the outside and of course candy on the inside!! Some of the Pinatagrams even come in little outfits, honestly this doesn’t get cuter! I’ve only tried a couple of these personally but I had so much fun looking up all these fun companies and sharing what I found! Although I will say Instagram ads were a big help lol … Im sure I will be getting ads for gift delivery services from now until forever at this point!


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