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8 Of my Amazon favorites!

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

I got my boyfriend this for Christmas since he is always stealing my hairdryer. (his v v intricate hair routine requires one, but apparently not enough for him to have supplied his own)

This blow dryer is a POWERHOUSE y’all oh my goodness. It just gets the job done. Like honestly, shampooing my hair really is already so much effort and then I have to dry my hair too? This tool has cut the time I spend blow-drying my hair in half.

At this point, I’m ordering myself one and throwing my Bed Head in the trash. For $30 you just can’t ask for more than this baby delivers.

This is hands down – let me repeat – HANDS DOWN my favorite aluminum-free natural deodorant.

I work in fitness so deodorant is important – like really important! I need something that works and is going to last all day but doesn’t sacrifice my health.

Aluminum-free is so important to me and I have tried so so many different products but this one trumps them all. I just truly cannot live without Kopari.

Not to mention it makes my pits smell like cotton candy, and if that doesn’t convince you then I’m not sure what will.

I’m not sure that this frother is better than other frothers, but this is the one I own and I adore it. Some drinks just aren’t the same without a lil frothy froth, ya know?

I hate a thin Yoga mat and if I’m telling the truth it really upsets me how uncomfortable yet expensive a Lulu mat is. I’ll trade in a logo any day to give myself a little more cush and comfort. This baby could be yours for just $16 and she is thiccc with 3 c’s, mmkay.

These are just so cute! they are by far my fav pair of sunnies and for how cheap they are I love that they are still polarized!

After a long day at work, this ice roller is a godsend. In fact im craving a nice cold ice roll across my face as I’m writing this *drool*

Ice rolling has tons of benefits, though, besides feeling amazing so let me explain!

Lymphatic drainage and depuffing, soothing and reducing inflammation, decrease headaches, face serums and products absorb more easily and long term use leads to fewer wrinkles! I could go into more detail but I’ll save that for a whole new post.

I actually bought my fabric shaver at Target but it is this same one that is available on Amazon! I think I actually ended up paying more for it at Target, too, so definitely snag yours on Amazon! (plus Amazon gives you color options, baby)

I tried a different fabric shaver sold on Amazon before getting the CONAIR and it just didn’t compare, like it worked a little but nothing noteworthy. This fabric shaver really gets in there and leaves your clothes, couch or whatever looking like new!

Also, I trusted this fabric shaver on my Lulu aligns and if you are a legging girl through and through like me, you know what a big deal that is!

I started using this sunscreen because The Skinny Confidential recommended it and I'm hooked. I'm on my 4th order and use it religiously every morning.

This sunscreen is broad spectrum SPF 50 and it contains caffeine and antioxidants to tighten your skin!

Replenix also makes a spray sunscreen for replication through the day that I love as well!

Those are my top favorites for now, but my complete list of must haves is here! Let me know if you have anything show stopping that you just cannot live without from Amazon that I need to check out!


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