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25 Boujee Gift Ideas that don’t Cost a Fortune

Updated: May 6, 2022

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays, second only to my birthday, of course. ;)

I love getting gifts and I ADORE giving gifts! The whole situation just makes my heart so happy! My wallet... not so much. I know y'all feel me on this so here are 25 gifts look way more expensive than they are!

This scent is everything, it's a whole mood and so comforting yet sexy. It smells warm and sweet but also spicy and woody, this is THE scent you have been looking for. and at $60 a bottle its way more affordable than the celebrity scents at Ulta.

I am obsessed with my mini fire pit, I live in an apartment and this is the perfect way to add a little spice to my patio. She's perfect for smores or just setting the mood and making apartment living feel a little more comfy cozy.

This ice roller is so fucking cute! Depuff with this iconic pink ice roller that stays ICE cold while you depuff in the morning.

Let's not lie - we all want one of these. They just really complete the living room aesthetic in a way that no vase or candle can. Society 6 has the most unique trays I’ve found, so fun!

This is so fun! you can choose silver or gold to make sure you get jewelry that fits you or your loved one and her whole line is adorable so you just can't go wrong! All of Kristen Cavallari's jewelry is around the $50-$100 price point (on average) but this surprise box is only $20 so it's a steal if you're in for a surprise.

Mark and Graham makes the trendiest coasters that can be customized for $29 I think right now they are even on sale for $14!

Silk pillowcases are all the rage and help keep your hair and skin healthy and wrinkle-free, plus there is just nothing better than fancy sheets to pamper you while you sleep.

I mean how freaking cute are these!! A whole ass vibe and you can never ever have enough blankets! This is the perfect gift for someone who just moved to make their new space feel like a home.

for your on-the-go friend that won't go anywhere without touching up their hair and makeup, we all know at least one!

Something about this tumbler just feels right, this really is the cup you never knew you needed. I feel so fancy drinking out of mine, its sturdy and sleek.

The cutest ankle weights you've ever seen and I'll stand by that any day of the week! Bala weights come in all kinds of different colors, the wights are coated in this super soft silicone, too, so they are much more comfortable than your traditional ankle weight.

If your best loves seltzers this is the perfect gift for her! Keep those seltzers ice cold like no other coozie can.

This jewelry is so affordable and holds up SO well. I mean I have slept in mine, showered in it, and worked out in it and none of the gold has started to tarnish. This is a great gift that looks so much more expensive than it is.

This affordable staple bag will travel seamlessly from their winter to spring wardrobe! Plus it looks so chic - this is a clean simple design that everyone is bound to obsess over! They come in one million colors so the options here are endless.

Nothing and I mean NOTHING feels better than a matching set. Something about a kitchen that matches just makes everything feel right, this set is a west elm dupe for the price of a single west elm spatula and they never have to know you got it from amazon.

The minimalist makeup lineup they never knew they needed! This is a $104 value for $75 and I'm about to be gifting it to myself, that is a good ass deal if I have ever seen one. Kosas face oil goes on so smooth, this lightweight oil feels dry and creates a nice dewy look without being greasy.

save your bestie from over-shampooing with this AVC rise by the one and only Justin Anderson - Hollywood's Blonde expert. If you really want to set them up with the full package get the AVC scrub too! It is actually life changing.

These slippers are super trendy and so comfortable. The bottom is rubber as well so you can wear them while you run and grab the mail. The whole situation is honestly ideal and I think everyone needs a pair! With 8 different color options and for only $16 this is a whole moment.

This puffer jacket is THE move this winter and for only $70 it’s a total steal! My favorite color is the cream - I mean this is what winter layering dreams are made of.

A gentle silicone facial cleansing device to take your loved one's skincare to the next level!

This Waxless candle is so fucking chic, put her on your coffee table to really set the ambiance and make your home the coziest! Because there is no wax this candle burns clean and lasts forever. This is Minimalist design porn.

This organizer is what dreams are made of. Its accordion-style design makes it easily adaptable to any space, plus emerald green and gold accents are just big energy. This is the perfect space-savvy addition to anyone's bathroom counter.

This phone case is so unique and handmade gifts always feel so special! They will be thinking about you all year long.

This is not your typical earring hookup, all their studs are so unique and trendy and you can even order them one stud at a time if you want to get really crazy mixing and matching! They also sell sets so you can adorn your whole ear with the cutest little statement pieces.

25 - Pura

This smart scent device is the perfect way to keep your home smelling immaculate at all times. I love to swap my scents according to the time of year and really set the vibe if you know what I mean. make your home smell like the Westin or my favorite - Volcano is a must-try. Use code SKIMZEY for some $$ off!

Happy gifting!


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