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Top 25 Must-Have Gifts for 2023: Your Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide


I adore the holiday season and I am so excited to start shopping for everyone on my list this year! I am a psycho and I screenshot gifts year round so that when November rolls around I am ready baby!

I don't do long intros, no one has time for all that. Lets cut to the chase here is my

2023 Gift guide!

Elevate your besties carry on travel with a weekender bag. utilizing your "personal item" as extra luggage is a must and making sure you can slide it over the handle of your roller in the most underrated part of luggage in my opinion. The shoe compartment a the bottom is also HUGE. Who wants their shoes touching their other stuff?? No one. The Beis bag is Iconic but if you are looking for something a bit more affordable, this dupe is also a fantastic option.

For your friend that loves to host or that party go-er who is always shouting "lets play a gaaaame!" (you know the one) We have all played cards against humanity one million times at this point and cup games require standing room and a table that can get wet. Elevate your party games with this drinking board game.

P.S. there are 8 pieces but you can add however many you need! Grab a bottle cap, matchbook, penny or anything you can think of to make this game however big or small!

Tripods are almost always a bulky hassle but the Moft phone stand/ tripod is so low profile and easily snaps on and off of your phone! This is the perfect gift for your content creator friend or your work from home bestie that is always looking for the next best desk gadget!

These darling bracelets would make the perfect addition to your eccentric friends stack! Handmade with love and vintage ceramic these bracelets are timeless and so unique at the same time. Also the perfect gift if you prefer to shop small businesses!

I don't know about yall but I think the worst part about an at home workout is having to look at the weights ruining your home decor. Workout weights but make it cute might be the best idea since sliced bread. Get your bestie the gift of an aesthetic at home workout with this chic kettle bell that doubles as home decor. This one is two gifts in one if you ask me.

LED light therapy is all the craze right now and for good reason. Who doesn't want to work on their wrinkles and keep their skin looking young and bouncy! Some of the popular masks on the market have quite the hefty price tag but I found two options with great reviews for a fraction of the Dr. Dennis Gross price. (LED mask for $99?? thats not gross at all!) I linked the Skin Gym mask above but here is another slightly more expensive option that comes with different color setting. (yes please)

Sounds icky right? But its not! These masks are made with medical grade silicone (the same thing my plastic surgeon told me would be my saving grace when trying to get rid of the scars from my implant surgery) to help smooth out your skin while you sleep AND boost the absorption of all the yummy products you put underneath. The best gift for any skincare junkie!

This body oil is heaven. Let me say it one more time for the people in the back H E A V E N. Coming from someone that hates moisturizing their body - it just takes a long time and like idk what to say I just don't enjoy it. But this oil, I LOVE to put on. It smells incredible and gives my skin the best glow!

Coffee table books are such a great way to decorate your space! If you are looking for something a little more functional at a great price, I love the idea of this photo album disguised as a coffee table book! Such a fun way to help your bestie customize their space! You could even fill this with a couple special memories before gifting it!

For your friend that is obsessed with their bar cart. (you know the one)

These wavy glasses are so cute and would look absolutely adorable on a bar cart next to your favorite bottle of tequila or even just to give you a little extra encouragement to drink your water!!

This journal would be freaking adorable to display even if it never gets written in but I think journals can be such a thoughtful gift and great way to show that you care about someone deeply. The lucky girl journal is another great option that I will link here! This paper back journal has less decorative potential but is a journal that I have personally been working through and I love it!! It's the best way to start my day and idk how to explain it but using colored pens to write my answers makes it an even better mood boost!

For the hostess with the mostess! These are by far the coolest serving utensils I have ever seen. These are also the same brand as the cups I listed above so how about I just stop posting them and you trust me to look at their whole line because it is all very very eclectic cool girl.

No but I am serious. If you are that person that loves nothing more than to give a practical gift then this is what you get for literally anyone in your life. Heres how it will go - they will laugh and be like wtf when they open it but 4 months later when they discover that they can now make the most perfectly fluffy pot of rice in 20 minutes on the dot, you will be their hero and you will win at gift giving. My rice cooker is probably my cheapest and single most favorite kitchen appliance. Well... aside from the Nespresso.

Tell your bestie they rock with this hand candle. Again so perfect for a bar cart or on top of your coffee table book stack!

Its giving mean girls. I love a maximalist tree that is cover in all kinds of different ornaments. If your friend group likes to exchange ornaments for the mems that will come back year after year when its time to pull out the decorations for the holidays this one is so cute! I also linked a bunch of other cute and unique options here if the milky martini is not your cup of tea.

Give the gift of juicy hydrated lips! This set comes with a scrub a balm and a silicone scrubber - everything you need for silky smooth, plump hydrated lips!

Reheating coffee is the WORST! It always ends up tasting burnt - yuck. This warmer is so cute and comes in a bunch of different colors so you can be sure to fit anyones aesthetic!

Give the gift of a peaceful morning. Who likes to be jerked awake in the morning by a loud a*s chaotic noise. No one. This sunrise alarm clock wakes you up slowly so you aren't violently jolted out of your slumber. To me? This sounds like the gift that just keeps giving. I also found this cheaper option on amazon that is still v v much so aesthetic!

Help your bestie Reduce stress, increase energy and target a pain points with this acupuncture kit. if you don't care about brands here is also a cheaper option!

I think we can all be honest and admit we need to clean our make up brushes more often. Instead of all of that scrubbing how wonderfully easy would it be to simply put your brushes in a little cleaning machine complete with a disinfecting UV light. Your bestie and her skin will be thanking you for this gift!

Give the gift of an at home dermaplane with the skinny confidential hot shave razor!

I love mine, it leaves my skin feeling so smooth and fresh. Theres nothing like a good old fashioned physical exfoliation, you know? Make sure to include some shaving cream as well so your bestie can keep her skin nice and lubricated! No nicks around here.

This gorgeous bezel set tennis necklace looks so expensive and elevated for a fraction of the price. Cubic zirconia set in a 14K gold plated necklace for under $200. This neck candy is the perfect everyday necklace to make any outfit look more effortlessly put together. For an even more affordable price there is also this option, I just cannot get enough of the bezel setting in a tennis necklace!

I feel like this is currently the self care obsession that everyone wants to add to their routine. If your bestie hasn't pulled the trigger yet on a cleaner shower experience, do it for them! This is sure to be a hit, especially with anyone that might be struggling with troubled skin or unhealthy hair. *sigh* aren't we all? The Jolie shower head is definitely the creme de la creme of shower head filters but here is a more affordable option as well!

No matter the size of your nip, everyone needs some XL nip covers! This is a hill I will die on. Larger nipple covers with tapered edges are undetectable even under the tightest of clothes! Your bestie will be thanking you later. These covers are also made with medical grade silicone and will keep your skin happy underneath the entire time you wear them!

For your friend that is always on the go! There is nothing worse than running out of phone battery. Like actually. Not only is it annoying but its a safety issue! This sleek portable charger is not only slim enough to be thrown unto your bag but is also cordless for wireless charging! Not having to fight with cords? a dream.

Hope this helps with your holiday list this year or at least gave you some inspo!

For a complete list of all of the gifts I listed (and a few more!) click here and here!

I also love the trend of making homemade gifts this year! should I write another post on some of my favorite DIY gifting ideas?

Cheers for now!


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