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Toiletry Must Haves

Toiletries are such a necessity and I cannot believe they aren’t talked about more often! Like let’s be honest, we are all SO picky about our makeup, our clothes, our food… but when it comes to deodorant and tampons and SPF we just grab one off the shelf?? UH no.

Of course, we all have our favorite things, but how much do we know about what's in them? And do we really even care? You might not now, but give me 5 minutes of your time and I’ll tell you why you should!

Deodorant - a must!

First off, let's talk deodorant! The first time I tried natural deodorant, I was not convinced – It’s more expensive, it doesn’t work, it’s just a giant pain, really. So I chose to ignore what I had been told about how terrible traditional deodorant was for you and moved on with my life. But the facts kept following me around and it was eating me up that I was knowingly not taking care of my body!

PAUSE- If you don’t know what the big deal about traditional deodorant is, let me fill you in!

Traditional Deodorant contains Aluminum and Parabens which have been linked to cancer and diseases like Alzheimer's. I totally get that you aren’t eating your deodorant but toxins are absorbed through the skin as well!

So, anyway, I set out to find a natural aluminum free deodorant that would actually work! What I found was Kopari, and I am completely hooked!! This stuff is so great guys! It smells like a cotton candy cloud in the best way and it keeps me feeling fresh all day! I could Honestly not say enough about this deodorant!

Obviously, we have to talk tampons!

Your vagina is your friend y’all and I know that once a month it sure as hell feels like you aren’t friends… but shut up, yes you are. Remember, your skin ABSORBS and your lady parts are a whole lot more absorptive than your armpits so like HELLO pay attention!

An old coworker of mine used to make fun of me and joke that I probably use organic tampons, and this got me thinking… like wait is that a thing? I had never even considered what was in a tampon or if it was good or bad, I mean it's not like the options are just endless in that department… it's kind of just the thing you use and that's it, right?

The alternative is well, not for everyone, but that shouldn’t mean I’m doomed to make my baby maker a toxin absorption center!

Luckily for us ladies, the girls at LOLA have figured this shit out! Their tampons are 100% organic cotton & that's it! I wish I could tell you about all the bad stuff in other tampons, but the thing is they are not required to disclose that information… so obviously they don’t. IDK ABOUT YALL- but that's just a little terrifying.

As if all of this wasn’t enough, LOLA also delivers monthly. I mean guys, it just doesn’t get any better than this.

SPF - it's really important.

Do not sleep on your SPF! Protecting your skin is so important and picking the right product that you can trust to protect your skin is equally important! I use Skin Medicas Mineral Sheild because it doesn't have any yucky chemicals that have been linked to cancer like Oxybenzone and since it is a mineral sunscreen it acts as a shield for your skin and prevents rays from penetrating the surface of your skin at all! Choosing medical-grade sunscreen is so important because it really does ensure that the efficacy of your product is high and it will give you the protection you need!

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