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Updated: Feb 8

Hot girl summer is not over, and frape season is just getting started. So everybody put your hands in the air for a healthy frape recipe! Mhmm, you heard me right, a HEALTHY FRAPE – this is not just a less sugary version that kinda tastes like sweet dirt. This is a full-on, NO refined sugar alternative that tastes great and actually has some killer perks for your body and brain (think Lion’s mane and Chaga).

If you’re like, but what actually are those things? Don’t worry I’ll give you the whole 411 on the situation.

Skinny Girl Frape Recipe

1 frozen banana

2 cups almond milk

That's literally it!


The Frappuccino 411

Does your Starbucks frape contain amino acids, fiber, calcium, magnesium, and antioxidants? I think no. Sugar, caffeine, and a big ol' crash are all you get for your $6.25 – 500 calorie mocha cookie crumble. Thank me later for this power-packed alternative! Lion’s mane has been shown to promote the health and growth of brain cells, this decreases the onset of diseases like Dementia and Alzheimer’s and while this may seem like something way too far off to worry about, just remember prevention is KEY. Lions mane and Chaga both are great anti-inflammatory foods that help decrease oxidative stress in your body – lamens terms? These two offer great anti-aging benefits! Repeat after me, the more antioxidants (and sunscreen) the fewer wrinkles!


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