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Updated: Sep 4, 2021

For easter, the roomies and I are putting on an easter brunch spread and getting dressed up. Mimosas will be flowing and colors will be poppin’ thanks to the colorful Easter eggs Chadd and I created! Incase you needed ideas on how you can make sure your quarantine easter is memorable (besides the fact that you’ll never forget how bat shit crazy everything in the world is right now), I thought I’d share my plans!

Yesterday, in preparation for our Easter spread (and because it was a ton of fun), Chadd and I dyed Easter eggs! I was feeling crafty and decided to look up all the Easter eggs tips and tricks so our eggs would be show stoppers.

Basically nothing is off limits and I found lots of cool techniques but we decided to try the shaving cream or whipped cream method that gives the eggs like a water color marbled tie dye look. (you know we have been all about the tie dye around here lately.)

2 things first – we decided to use cool whip so that everything involved was edible because I plan on eating these eggs. Also, look how crazy the egg below looks after having cracked in the boiling water.

Anyway, here's what you need.

Marbled Easter Eggs

– Food coloring – Straw or stick of some kind – Cool whip – Hard boiled eggs – Foil tray – Vinegar – Hot water – Several coffee cups or small bowls – Spoon

Put about a table spoon of vinegar into each of your coffee cups and then fill it 3/4 of the way with hot water, now add your dye. With your spoon, lower the egg into the cup to soak. We started each of our eggs with a base color.

While the egg is soaking, spread a layer of cool whip onto 1/4 of you foil pan, add drops of food coloring to the whip and then run your straw through to make a marbled effect.

Because I can sometimes be very type A, I only mix max two colors in the cool whip at a time but do you boo boo.

When you have decided that your egg has soaked long enough, take it out and pat it dry. Next, set it in the cool whip and start to roll it around until you are satisfied. Leave the whip on the egg and set aside for like 10 – 20 minutes or so.

TIP: I recommend dropping new food coloring down every other egg or so and using a new landing strip of cool whip just because the fresher it is, the brighter and more defined you design will be! Notice that some of our eggs are more bold and some look more cloudy.

when you are done, gently pat all of the whipped cream off of your eggs and VOILA! (PS please don’t ask me how Chadd made one of his eggs speckled because neither of us know..)

Other activities we are doing this Easter include mimosas all day long and an Easter egg competition that I’m sure to win!


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