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Minimalistic Makeup to Obsess Over

Updated: May 9, 2022

Maybe this just comes with getting older or maybe I’m just so proud of how far my skin has come lately that I don't want to smother it in makeup, but I have been absolutely loving the minimal makeup look. I love feeling fresh, natural, and dewy! Plus, I can literally bust out my morning makeup routine in under 10 min - your girl loves her sleep so this is a must. Here are the handful of products I throw on before work or for a v light, casual make-up/ leisurely brunch look.

I stumbled across kosas face oil at a local boutique and fell head over heels in love! I’m obsessed with this oil, it’s higher coverage than you would expect from such a thin, lightweight product. I apply this with my *clean* fingers every morning and it evens out my skin completely, blurring any uneven color and keeping me from looking red all day! I also make sure to use the excess product left on my fingers to even out the color of my eyelids. I mean y'all I can not even stress enough how much you need this oil in your life, I don't know how I've lived my whole life without it. This product feels like a dry oil when you put it on and helps keep the moisture from my morning moisturizer locked in all day!

I got color matched as a 3 at this little boutique in Houston called Lemon Lane but you can also get a sample kit from the kosas website so you can color match yourself at home!

Next, I go in with the classic Two-Faced bronzer, y'all know, the one that smells like chocolate! The chocolate smell and Two-Faced packaging will always be nostalgic for me so she's here to stay. Anyway, I just buff it along my cheekbones forehead and nose. I also use my bronzer to add some quick color to my eyelids! If I have a little extra time or if I am just wanting a little more coverage I will sometimes brighten up my under eyes with the elf camo concealer - this is a Shape Tape dupe that is 200% worth writing home about!

Next up in my morning lineup is my newest makeup obsession. nudestix blush in the shade “in the nude” is a product I would die for. Blush just brings so much warmth and dimension to your makeup look in my opinion. I love putting pops of blush on my temples nose and obviously the tops of my cheeks. It's giving very sunkissed fun flirty vibes.

It's not always an eyeliner day, but when it is I grab my Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Brown. I love love love the tip on this eyeliner! It's almost like silicone? Idk but whatever it is, I am head over heels. I like to keep my eyeliner wing teeny tiny most of the time and only bring it down halfway on my eye - this means its quick, cute and there is a very very

small margin for error. Nobody has time to redo eyeliner all morning long, you know what I mean?

Mascara is a must - sometimes I fantasize about being a lash extensions girlie but if I am being honest sometimes dragging myself to the nail salon is an absolute struggle so the thought of adding another bi-weekly appointment to my roaster is a big fat no. Anyways, for mascara, it really just does not get better than my OG girl, Great Lash. She really has stood the absolute test of time AND my girl is $5? I mean come on now. I have tried to fall in love with another mascara but they all just fall short, and, well, if it ain't broke don't fix it!

Okay, so for eyebrows I really wish I could say that I use a trendy brow gel but I am a pomade and brow brush girl through and through. I am a biiiig fan of the Anastasia Beverly Hills pomade in taupe. This product is so amazingly creamy and will stay all day. I’ve found that the key to being happy with your pomade is making sure that you are using a small precise brush - mine is from Anastasia Beverly Hills as well and she does justttt the trick!

Lastly, I like to hit the high points of my face with my illumination nudestix, another product I’m just obsessed with!! The whole nudestix line is *chefs kiss* I'm telling yall.

I don't always do this whole routine but I definitely love love love all these products and would highly recommend! Oh, and I can't forget! The HUGE step that makes all the difference is cleaning up my lashline before I call it good and head out the door, I'm talking wet a q-tip and run it under your lower lash line to clean up any mascara that has snuck its way down. I really think this is crucial for any "no makeup" makeup look!

Well, that's a wrap yall! If you think I missed any must-haves, drop them down in the comments! You can find all these a+ products linked HERE!


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