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The Perfect Beet & Goat Cheese Salad: A Recipe to Wow Your Taste Buds

Updated: Mar 5

This salad is actually like eating candy for dinner in the very best way and it could not be easier to make!

This is the perfect recipe for those days that you just want dessert for dinner, you know what I mean? This salad will satisfy all your sweet and salty cravings and the best part is its healthy too!

Not only are beets the most iconic It girl pink, they also pack a punch when it comes to your health benefits! Interested? let me give you all the details on this hot girl food.

Beets are low in calories, but high in vitamins and minerals like folate, potassium, and vitamin C. They are also high in antioxidants which can reduce inflammation, we LOVE a good antioxidant!

Personally, I am a slut for goat cheese and the candied walnuts are just icing on the cake. This is a salad I actually cannot get enough of and I am confident you will feel the same. In a pinch I have switched the poppy seed dressing for a raspberry vinaigrette - still so delicious! So feel free to play around with this and make it your own, there are no rules here, girlfriend :)

When preparing your chicken for this salad I like to use chicken tenders because they are already in such cute small pieces. It just seems to fit the vibe, you know? You could definitely use chicken breast but I just feel like it takes longer to cook. The most important thing about cooking chicken is ensuring that the internal temperature reaches 165! If you listen to nothing else I tell you, listen to that like your life depends on it- literally.

Overcooking, however will leave your chicken dry and hard to chew. Its a delicate balance, so I recommend grabbing yourself a food thermometer so that you can stay on top of your chicken game! They are super cheap on amazon and I swear it is a life saver yall!

Here's your grocery list -

  • Arugula spring mix

  • Goat cheese crumbles

  • Candied walnuts

  • Poppy seed dressing

  • Canned beet slices

  • Chicken breast or tenders

No, literally that is it. So so easy.

Lay your arugula spring mix as your base and top with about 7 or 8 slices of canned beet. sprinkle with candied walnuts and goat cheese and then finish by topping your salad with shredded or chopped chicken and a drizzle of poppy seed dressing.

This salad gets sweet quick! So use less of the candied walnuts than you think. And trust me on the beets, they add a wonderful texture and are so so good for your brain and heart!


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