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9 Must-Have Eco-Friendly Home Products For a Sustainable Lifestyle

Okay, so here's the deal: switching to eco-friendly products isn't just about saving the planet for some far-off future. It's about making choices that are good for us right now. The amount of trash produced in this world is absolutely insane! The first time I thought about how much trash I myself make in one day I felt incredibly guilty. I wanted to do my part to cut down on waste, no matter how small.

Think about it like this – using eco-friendly stuff means cleaner air, cooler outdoor hangout spots, and fresher vibes all around. We're talking about products that not only fit the aesthetic but also make a positive impact. It's like being part of this awesome movement where we get to be on trend and help the planet at the same time. Who says being eco-friendly has to be boring, am I right?

Now I'll be honest, cutting down on trash is hard! Single-use plastic is so fucking convenient, I mean that's obviously how we got to have this huge trash problem in the first place. Luckily, there are several companies that make it much easier to be less wasteful, here are some of my favorites!

I have had the same toothbrush for years now, with quip all I need to do is replace the tip of the toothbrush and that alone has cut down on my plastic waste so much. Quip even has me on a subscription schedule so I get a new toothbrush head right on time every month or so. I love when my stuff matches so imagine how excited I got when I found out my whole dental set up could match! Quip also has refillable mouthwash containers and a sleek water pick to match your toothbrush. Seriously this is the last toothbrush you will ever need.

We have all seen the reusable resealable bags for sale at the grocery store but specifically these are my favorite!

I found these bags at whole foods one day and I am obsessed with them! Most reusable bags that I have found are an absolute pain to wash but these bags are dishwasher safe so you don't have to wrestle with a flimsy bag in the sink. Plus the "resealable" aspect of these is STURDY- you do not have to worry about fighting with these bags to get them locked shut.

Tupperware is such a staple but it doesn't have to just be for leftovers! Start swapping your single use containers for something reusable. Instead of yogurt cups, I try and opt for reusable plastic cups. Now I buy the bigger tubs of yogurt and fill one with yogurt and granola before work! I really like the porter brand of these as well, its definitely a bit expensive as far as Tupperware goes but in my opinion when something is cute, you are more likely to use it and take care of it!

I always keep Porter reusable silverware in my backpack, the set comes with a metal knife, spoon and fork, and a super cute silicone pouch to hold everything. The key here is to wash your silverware right after you use it so you can put it back in its pouch and use it again the next day, don't be lazy now!

This company makes deodorant, body wash, and toothpaste cotton swabs and more! These are all products that typically come in single use plastic containers but By Human Kind is working to change the game by adding high quality refillable products to the market. Buy the container one time and then bypass all of the waste by just ordering refills every time you run out of something! The By Human Kind packaging is also so chic and minimalistic that you will want it on display.

Something about these specific tumblers just feels top-notch. The design is so clean and pretty and they feel like good solid quality even though they are only like twenty bucks! You can find them here on amazon and get them to your door by tomorrow - so easy. You'll be amazed how many compliments you get on this tumbler, trust me, it's like witchcraft. I also have a set of the travel coffee mugs and they are the best for a quick coffee togo moment.

All of my cleaning products at home are blueland and I love them! the scents are amazing and I love that I no longer have to carry heavy cleaning products in single use packaging in from my grocery trips! Instead when I am out of hand soap or all purpose cleaner, I simply add a cleaning solution tablet and water to my blueland bottle and boom! All stocked up.

These compostable wipes are very cool! Cleaning with wipes is so convenient but unfortunately creates a ton of excess since wipes are often single use. These wipes aren't reusable but they are compostable! Made of 100% plants and no plastic - ever! These wipes are the perfect solution for cleaning on the go. Biom offers 3 options, the all purpose wipe, the flushable wipe and the hand sanitizer wipe. The dispensers come in many colors and wipe scents so you are sure to find something that fits your aesthetic.

Your one stop shop for non toxic, sustainable and cruelty free products. If you never know what products to gravitate towards at the store, let Grove take the guess work out for you! Every single product offered through Grove has met their criteria which can all be found on their FAQ page! The products found on Grove range from self care to home cleaning and even pets! I truly love how accessible Grove makes these products for everyone no matter where you live.

Do you use any of these products? Let me know which are your favorites!

You can find my complete list of these products here!

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