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20 Minute Dinner - Salmon Bowl with Sweet & Spicy Brussles sprouts

Salmon is one of my absolute favorite fish to cook at home (mainly because it is so freaking easy!) I just really and truly cannot get enough of a salmon bowl. Seriously there are like a million variations, its super quick to whip up, and healthy too! Not only is salmon so tasty but it is packed with a ton of nutrients, high quality protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Pair this with sweet and spicy brussels and you've got yourself a hell of a meal! (if I do say so myself.)



Brussels sprouts






Chili oil with red pepper flakes

Olive Oil

(Really, thats it!)

First things first, start your rice! Add equal parts rice and water to your rice cooker and if you do not have a rice cooker invest in one right now!! This is the link for the exact rice cooker I have, its only $25 and it will literally be at your house overnight. I promise you this is the best kitchen investment you will ever make, especially if you are trying to eat healthier but find all the prep tedious. (don't we all lol)

Alright, back to business. This recipe is great as it is but if you want to get fancy with your rice I highly recommend the Dozen Cousins seasoning packets, they are not available at all grocery stores but you can get a pack of them on amazon! For this recipe I used the Caribbean coconut rice flavor packet.

Your rice cooker will automatically switch to its "warm" setting when the rice is done but as soon as it reaches this point I like to unplug it so that the bottom doesn't burn.

Prepping & Cooking the Brussels

Heat a medium drizzle of olive oil in a pan while you halve your brussels. Add your brussels to the hot pan and drizzle them with honey and chili oil. Toss the brussels so that the honey and chili oil coat all of the veggies and then leave them alone!! Personally I like my brussels sprouts a tad burnt but even if a char isn't your vibe, I promise you want them to have a crisp. A squishy brussel is just not it so don't cover the pan either. After the brussles have been cooking for a few minutes, give them another toss.

Prepping & Cooking the Salmon

The first prep step here starts at the grocery store, save yourself some time and frustration and ask the fish counter to skin your salmon for you that way all you have to do is cube it and season it yourself at home! For the seasoning in this recipe we are going to keep it super simple and let most of the bold flavors come from the brussels.

Okay, lets get really specific about the salmon because you are going to want to get the outside crispy without overcooking the inside. After you skin and cube the salmon, season the fish with salt, pepper and cumin. Measure with your heart here, I usually give one side a good sprinkle of each and then massage it in! Start to heat your olive oil in a pan over medium high heat, add your cubed salmon and then turn down the heat once the fish has hit the pan. Basically, you want to make sure your pan is nice and hot so that your salmon cubes get a nice golden crisp on the outside.

Once everything is cooked, assemble your bowl!

Rice on the bottom, salmon and brussels sprouts on top. Done & done, enjoy!


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