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15 Perfect gifts for your Boyfriend this year!

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Boyfriends can be so hard to shop for, I like to keep a list going throughout the year of things he says he wants or likes ... I mean it's a whole thing. He's just not as vocal about things he wants, you know? (I mean besides a trip to Vegas lol)

Anyway, If you are short on ideas or just need a little inspiration here is a quick list of 15 (maybe 16..) ideas that he is bound to love!

A hoodie that he will love and you will love to steal! A double win here if you ask me. The steel grey color is the ideal distressed acid wash, perfect to go with anything and v v trendy!

my boyfriend is obsessed with his lulu boxers that I gifted him last year. I can’t speak on how comfy they are from personal experience but I can report that Chadd hangs his up to dry, I mean that must mean they hug the balls just right, ya know?

This is a great gift if your boo thing likes to tailgate, hike, or just drink outside in general.

Depending on how much you want to spend I'm linking a couple of options, Click Here for the more expensive brand name that will leave him feeling fancy every time he unzips it to grab a cold one. Click the header if you want the backpack cooler that has phenomenal reviews and still looks sleek for a fraction of the price!

This koozie is such good quality it will have him feeling fancy and will keep his beer or seltzer ICE COLD! plus, he won’t be able to drink without thinking of you - genius.

Get him a moisturizer, nighttime serum, and spf he will actually use. Skin is skin but let’s be honest boys don’t buy themselves these things even though their skin needs it just as much as ours does! So, get him something with packaging that doesn't look like yours so he can start practicing a skincare routine and feel all manly or whatever at the same time.

A fun cheeky way to tell him to clean up his beard bits from the sink rim when he is done shaving or manscaping of any sort. This gift is functional, funny to others watching you unwrap presents, and gets a point across, 10/10 gift.

Everyone loves a good portable speaker, and we all know the person that remembers to bring their speaker on a trip is always the best person.

This is an easy gift that he is sure to love and use all the time. Make sure it's waterproof so it can be taken absolutely anywhere!

This is classic! I think bags are defo something boys rarely buy themselves but absolutely everyone needs a good reliable weekender, ya know?

Boys seem to have a weird love for crazy socks. Stock up his sock drawer with the crazy patterns of his dreams. The options here are endless. Throw some funny ones in there too just for the heck of it. The best gifts are the ones that immediately make you grin! If you want something that is a bit more of a splurge, the London Sock Company is a great option at a higher price point that is sure to make him feel like the sharpest guy in the room!

the softest fucking shirt he will ever own! Plus you get to steal it and have the most comfy nightshirt - this is a win-win and a total no-brainer!

I mean this game is seriously hilarious especially after a drink or two. This gift makes a perfect addition to future game nights with friends and it never gets old since they are constantly coming out with expansion packs to keep things new and unexpected. If you are looking for a card game that is on the spicier side (if you catch my drift ;) ) you should snag a pack of Dizzy Date cards. They have a whole collection of couples card games and this particular pack is extra spicy!

For the boyfriend that loves wine, this decanter looks sleek and will aerate his wine just right! If you want to upgrade this gift you can always add a bottle of Caymus or a set or nice thin wine glasses - make him feel fucking fancy when he pours his next glass.

This Theragun dupe packs just the same punch for a fraction of the price. Massage guns are a godsend for muscle recovery and tense shoulders - if he lives at the gym this is a gift he will ADORE.

The original Nespresso is the perfect addition to any kitchen, if he’s a coffee lover then he is bound to obsess over this gift. As if this gift needed an upgrade, you could always add a set of espresso mugs!

If your man loves whiskey this is the perfect gift. I love it because you can really make this gift as affordable or as expensive as you'd like! Maybe you add a bottle of his favorite whiskey, or even better maybe you also gift him a pricey bottle that he's always wanted to try! (if you aren't sure you can always ask the people working at total wine to point you in the right direction!)

Okay, I know it says 15 gift ideas but I have one more. (15 is just a more aesthetic number than 16 ya know - plus it's somehow more festive.)

Get yourself some lingerie, preferably red, black, or white with a Santa hat - this way your outfit works year-round but you can throw on a Santa hat for the holidays. We work smarter not harder - save your coin, girl. My favorite brand is With Love Lilly I know this is technicallyyy a gift for yourself but let's be honest it's for him too and he will go absolutely CRAZY over it, plus you will feel divine! Wear responsibly ;) and Happy Holidays!


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