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10 Unique Décor Pieces You Need!

Updated: May 6

It made my heart so happy to see how much love my post about rising artists got! If you didn't get a chance to read or are looking for some art to fill your home click HERE and enjoy!

There are so many handmade home decor pieces I've found recently that I wanted to share as well, but they seemed out of place in my last post. This list is dedicated to knickknacks and home decor objects!

I Just bought this miniature emerald green ceramic couch tray and I could not be more excited to get it in the mail. I mean how fun! I cannot wait to set my rings on this every night before bed, I think its just the absolute most adorable tray I have ever seen. Who likes trays from amazon anyway when you can get something with this much pizzaz.

Update- I got the couch in the mail and she could not look more adorable on my bedside table.

Anita Tango makes the most fun life like toast sculptures that I actually just want to take a bit out of! She also recently added the most whimsical collection of ceramic milk cartons to her shop that you absolutely HAVE to check out!

I have never seen anything like them and I think they would be so cute in your kitchen or ontop of your favorite coffee table book as a cheeky accent to any room. Anita also sells prints of her paintings that are incredible!

I have never needed a sexy pot for my aloe Vera until this moment right now. Tender Flesh makes sultry polymer clay pots that are perfect for plants or even makeup brushes. Her next drop is coming at the end of August 2023 so keep an eye out! She sells out quickly but if you miss your chance to snag a sculpture, she has prints available as well.

Photo by Ace of Shades

Oh my goodness am I obsessed with this artist!! Ivy hand stitches Victorian style lampshades and when I tell you bad ass is an understatement. Her color combinations will make your jaw drop and her attention to detail is insane. You can order a custom piece or order from her stock lampshades. These pieces are definitely an investment and the stock shades are not available often so follow Ivy on TikTok and keep an eye on her drops!

Minimal Loot Design on Etsy makes the most serene minimalist concrete bowls, trays and sculptures. She has some really unique wall hooks and book ends that are a minimalists dream. It's giving Kim k's house and I want it all!

If maximalist decor is your jam you have to check out Zen Creations. This artist makes everything from sugar cookie magnets to spongebob themed porthole mirrors, cake boxes, and everything bagel vases! Her pieces are so fun loving and whimsical you just can't help but smile when you look at them. I mean how fun would a cake box be to hold all of your jewelry!

Photo by Em and the Terrazzo

Calling all Terrazzo lovers! This creator makes her own small batch terrazzo and turns it into vases, candle holders and planters! I feel like em's terrazzo creations fit perfectly in a loud maximalist room or add the perfect pop of color to a neutral space. She also makes the absolute most darling mugs and tapered candle sticks!

Okay y'all actually I have been SEARCHING for a doormat but I just feel like none of them are my vibe. They are either way corny or just too basic, ya know? This creator is killing it with her bright unique designs! I love, if you are looking for a new door mat, definitely check this shop out!

These precious tiled trays, coasters and stands are such a great way to add a little dimension and character to your space! Also yes, yes my perfume needs its own stage. You can even customize the colors in your tiled piece so that it perfectly matches your space!

3D printed stackable trays, vases and more! I have a set of the stackable trays on my bedside table and I am obsessed with them! They make for the perfect place to throw my earrings when I take them off at night or just to declutter a little bit!


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