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10 things to know before visiting Garza Blanca Cabo

If you are looking for a relaxing trip to Mexico, Garza Blanca is exactly where you'll want to find yourself! This beautiful resort has beach access, great service, and the absolute best attention to detail. Here are 10 things to know before you go!

1 Trade the Party for amazing food

What this resort lacks in nightlife it makes up for and then some with its food! We loved the food here and appreciated that every restaurant on the resort was truly it's own. No repeat menu items like you'll find at a lot of all-inclusive party resorts. Each restaurant had its own unique food, drink, and dessert menu.

Not only were the restaurants great but the breakfast bar is huge! Confidently, I can say that you could spend over a week here and try something new every day. I mean there is nothing worse than being sick of the food around you especially if you are nursing a hangover, am I right or am I right?

From top to bottom, our favorite restaurants were Blanca Blue (the Mexican restaurant), The rooftop (the Mediterranean restaurant), Hiroshi (The Japanese restaurant), and last Bocados (the steakhouse). Don't sleep on the beach raw bar even though it's not on my list, it is definitely worth a visit we just didn't eat a whole meal here so I feel like I can't comment.

2 Don't Dine and Dash

Even if you are on the all-inclusive plan you'll have to sign a check each time you get up to leave your meal or spot at the pool. Garza Blanca offers a European plan too even though I'm not sure why you would choose that unless you had no plans to actually stay on the resort during the day. The receipt will look as if you owe money but if you are on the all-inclusive plan it will say "AI" at the top so rest assured, everything is all taken care of unless you ordered something off the menu that was an extra charge like a bottle of wine or a tomahawk (extra charges will be indicated by a little red chef on the menu!).

3 Reservations are a must

Reservations were highly recommended, especially on a Friday/Saturday. We tried a different restaurant every night but I'm not sure we would have been able to had we not made reservations beforehand so definitely keep this in mind!

Each room has an assigned butler to help you throughout your stay so even if you are not able to make reservations ahead of time, your butler will be able to assist you with reservations once you arrive!

4 The All Inclusive drinks are top tier

If you have been to an all-inclusive resort before you might have experienced that the drinks are not great. This was actually one of my fears about having my wedding at an all-inclusive resort (that and the food anyway) but Garza Blanca does not disappoint! Belvedere and Grey Goose in the all-inclusive selection? yes, please.

Their selection is amazing and their drinks actually taste good. Anything that you order by the glass is part of the all-inclusive menu if you want a bottle of wine at dinner that will cost you extra but trust me the drink selection is thorough so unless you are feeling extra fancy there is no need!! Check out the full list here!

5 There might be whales

Mid-December to mid-March is whale watching season in Cabo. We were able to see a couple of flips and lots of water sprays at a distance throughout our whole stay in early January! This was so cool and definitely worth always asking to sit outside facing the ocean if possible for your meals.

6 The adults-only pool is the move

The infinity pool on the roof is adults only with a spectacular view of the ocean. This is the best place to go if you want to stay in the sun but get away from the kids in floaties and adults playing volleyball in the pool. There are also TVs behind the bar on the roof so if you are looking to catch a game, this spot is your best bet!

7 Wednesdays are for Authentic Mexican food on the beach

This is one part of our stay that we did not participate in since we had already made reservations but I wish we had! On Wednesday nights tables are set up on the beach for authentic Mexican night. I think this is like $25 a person and not included in your all-inclusive stay but if any of the other food at this resort is any indication, it's bound to be good!

8 You will be invited to a TimeShare presentation

Hey, it's okay to say no. But if you are looking to save on your excursions or spa trip you will be offered a deal to sit through the timeshare presentation in exchange for a discount. We opted out of this so I have no advice on how much of your day this might eat up. Proceed at your own risk.

9 Bring cash to tip

There is an ATM on the resort in the gift shop but you'll only be able to pull out Pesos so if you don't want to be stuck managing another currency I would recommend bringing cash in small bills that you can use to tip your bartenders, servers, and drivers. Cash is also always nice to have in case you decide you want to buy an oceanside horse ride or a wooden bowl on the beach. Though I will say, Chadd and I came home with an entire backpack full of wooden bowls from Costa Rica so be careful when combining alcohol and souvenir purchasing.

10 Relax!

Let's be honest, sometimes the best part of vacation is doing nothing at all. Kick up your feet and enjoy a nap in the sun (with your spf on of course!) or take a trip to the spa and let yourself be pampered (the view from the spa amenity space is incredible). Don't get too caught up in how many things you can jam-pack into your stay and just enjoy the beautiful resort and damn near perfect weather, you deserve it!


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